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Focusing Changes Group Galway

Hosted by: Marta Fabregat

When: Taking a break for the summer - be back in Sept 23 - 5 - 7pm then monthly (Second Friday of each month)

Where: An Tionól Cottage - H91 PK2N

This is a free-of-charge, peer-led group that meets once a month so people can exchange Focusing and listening turns in an atmosphere of safety and nurturing environment, a respectful sharing space. This group is to support continuing your Focusing practice; no teaching will be done at the changes group.

Galway Changes Group is open to people who have not done Focusing before. If in a group of three, beginners can observe before their turn. Please, feel free to invite someone who is curious to attend.

Call 0872031764 if interested in joining us. 



The Focusing Changes group in Galway met on Friday the 2nd of December for the first time. The atmosphere was festive and alive. In such a short time we were together we all gathered similar responses of how powerful it is to share focusing in community. Something that a newcomer, also quite new to focusing, said was: "This is so precious that I leave with a sense of wholeness in me¨ which continued with someone else saying: " No matter how difficult it is, what you are with, when it is shared with others the intimacy of that moment changes everything”.

So we are super excited to be able to be part and feel the compassionate commitment to move this forward among all who feel the inspiration to do so. 
Our Changes gatherings will be regular on the second Friday of every month. This is hosted by a group of Focusing people at An Tionól Cottage Barn in Co Galway. Call 0872031764 if interested in joining us. 

Galway Changes Group 2022

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