Irish Focusing Network


How does Membership work?

There are two forms of membership.


  1. Full Membership €30:

    For experienced focusers who want to be part of the Network and avail of the benefits which include:
    • Access to online sessions: These offer members an opportunity to connect with and share Focusing time with one another. These take place in the evening and last for 90 minutes. Participants are experienced focusers who can participate in Focusing partnerships.

    • Access to ongoing training provided by professional members of the network

    • Information about Focusing events in Ireland and internationally

    • You will need to submit evidence that you have completed the Focusing and Listening training. This can be obtained from the focusing professional with whom you completed it.

  1. Full + Profile Membership €40:

    • All the benefits of Full Membership with the added bonus of allowing Focusing professionals/practitioners, Focusing teachers and Focusing coordinators to advertise their services on the IFN website

    • Evidence of certification will need to be submitted if you have not done so already.


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Membership Renewal

If you are already a member and you wish to renew for 2024, please contact Kay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the renewal link, if you haven't already received to your email account.

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