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About Me

My name is Marta and although I am from Spain. I have been living in Ireland in south Co. Galway with my family for the past 20 years. We have a small organic vegetable farm, where we have a centre for Creative & Compassionate Living.

My background in the world of Focusing started like so many of us years before I became aware that there was such a thing as a Focusing process. A kind of noticing and being with the experience of relating with myself and the environment, relationships in an embodied way.

Mindfulness and Zen contemplative practice from the Ordinary Mind tradition that I am part of offered me space were Focusing was emerging naturally in my life over the years. I started learning about Focusing along with Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness teachings. I also took on courses on Focusing skills, on Listening and Guiding with Simon McKibbin for 3 years which he was offering at our centre. Later on we started working together on this path. I then completed my practitioner training with Kay Hoffman and am currently following the path to become a coordinator (CIT).

I am currently accompanying groups to become Focusing Professionals-Trainers from the International Focusing Institute starting this September.


I love to share Focusing, and I have several options that may suit you, no matter your level of experience of Focusing. I can also offer individual self- healing sessions that include Focusing to support you on your own self-discovery.

  • Focusing one-to-one sessions, accompaniment, and training
    These are one-hour sessions where there is a space for deep listening from your own bodily felt experience. Giving space for your own natural process to emerge in its own time and with its own wisdom.

  • Group training on Focusing skills – One year course - (Introduction to Focusing Guiding and Listening) ( 8 people max ).
    A year-long course on Focusing learning and peer practice with a small group.

  • Focusing Professional Training for small groups ( 8 people max )
    From one year to up to 18 months to 2 years Mentoring self-led programme to deepen your personal journey with Focusing and becoming a Focusing Professional -Trainer.


Focusing and Well-being
I offer one-to-one sessions on Plant Healing Medicine within a Focusing space as a community herbal practitioner, for connecting with nature and self-healing, welcoming plants that can be supportive for your own physical health and well-being.

Focusing in Nature
Individual one-to-one sessions on connecting with nature and communication. Meditation in nature, Focusing retreats including plant connection and Mindful Focusing walks.

Focusing and Mediation
As a Social and Cultural Mediator, I also support groups in having mindful and wholehearted conversations through Focusing for couples, friends, communities in conflict or with communication difficulties.
If you are interested in bringing Focusing to a specific group or community, I would be supportive in finding a self-tailored training that meets the needs of your group, team, or community.

“Your physically felt body is in fact part of a gigantic system of here and other places, now and other times, you and other people - in fact, the whole universe. This sense of being bodily alive in a vast system is the body and it is felt from inside.’

Gene Gendlin


MA Mediation and Conflict - Women's studies
Community and Cultural Dev. Diploma
Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer
Focusing Professional & Teacher
Currently Coordinator in Training
Plant & Nature Medicine practice
Mindfulness & Zen practitioner
The Beauty Way Shamanic - Healing Practitioner ( 5 years apprenticeship).
Currently completing training as a clinical herbalist

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